DEL WINTER GAME 2022 Collection

Collecting madness around the DEL WINTER GAME 2022!

Collect a piece of ice hockey fascination and dust off great benefits.

On December 3, 2022, a highlight of this year's season will take place in the PENNY DEL. The Cologne Sharks will face the Adler Mannheim in the DEL WINTER GAME 2022. The game will be played outdoors at the Rheinenergie Stadium in Cologne.

To mark the match, the two clubs will release an official Moment-based collection of limited-edition digital collectibles for the first time in their history. The so-called WINTER GAME 2022 Collection includes 12 individually designed Moments - four motifs per club and four general motifs relating to the WINTER GAME. All Moments are limited editions in different edition sizes.

If you want to purchase an Moment from the collection, you can either buy a pack or individual Moments. With each pack, you will receive three randomly selected Moments. You can choose between the Eagle Pack and the Sharks Pack, which can only contain the Moments of the respective club as well as the general WINTER GAME Moments. At the same time, most Moments can also be purchased individually. This way you can easily complete your collection.

Here's the catch: Each Moment is a digital collector's item but additionally offers other perks on top. These range from an exclusive WINTER GAME preview with the coach and the opportunity to ask your own questions to tickets for the DEL WINTER GAME 2022 on December 3, 2022, in Cologne.

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