What is STARENA?

STARENA is the bridge between fans and their favorite stars.

On Starena, amazing people and trendsetters such as football's GOAT Franz Beckenbauer, NBA player Dennis Schröder, and many others create exciting experiences for their fans.

To that end, Starena uses Moments as a new medium that enables real connections. Moments on Starena are more than just digital collectibles: they are your access pass to various exclusive opportunities created by each star.

In addition to drops with stars, there are also always drops for special occasions from the world of sports and pop culture.

Fans will have the option of purchasing the Moments via auctions, packs, and individual listings.

How do I buy STARENA Moments?

You can obtain Moments in a few ways:

    • Purchase them directly (no cryptocurrency required, Starena uses established payment methods such as credit cards)
    • Use STARENA Tokens that give you a 20% discount on all Moments
    • Receive Moments in free drops
    • Win them in competitions and bounties

What are STARENA Tokens?

STARENA Tokens are the platform token on STARENA. You can use them to purchase Moments at a 20% discount or choose to use them within the community in various ways like boosting or voting.

How do I buy STARENA Tokens?

Whenever STARENA Tokens - which will only be sold in limited drops for certain occasions - are for sale, you can purchase them in the shop using various payment methods.

When will STARENA Moments and Tokens be available?

Moments and STARENA tokens are always offered in time-limited drops. We announce these via our newsletter and social media channels.

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Do I need a Wallet?

When you register, you create a FanID which is your web3 identity and comes fully equipped with a wallet. You don't need to install any additional software.

Can I transfer Moments to my external wallet?

Yes, open your Moments, select the Moment you want to transfer and click the Transfer button. Then connect your Metamask wallet and follow the instructions. For the transfer to work, Matic, the token of the Polygon blockchain, must be in your Metamask wallet.

Can I resell the Moments and will there be a marketplace?

You cannot resell Moments directly on STARENA. However, you can transfer your Moments via Metamask Connect to the public Polygon blockchain, which is supported by various marketplaces.

Can I trade the STARENA Tokens?

No, you can currently not trade the STARENA tokens. They are exclusively used on the STARENA application

Can I buy Moments without STARENA Tokens?

Yes, you can purchase Moments with cash. Keep in mind, though, that you miss out on the 20% discounted price if you were to use discount tokens.